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Ideal for many applications of bonding tapes that require heat-conductibility, protection from heat ad fire and heat resistance. Resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents.

Aluminium tapes
Resistance to chemical agents and humidity:
improve sealing and protection of many surfaces sensitive to these conditions.
maximize the efficiency of heating and cooling improving the transmission in large areas.
Heat and light transmission:
prevent plastic components from thermal deformation; improve light transmission and emission.
protect the different components against fire.
Outdoor resistance:
keep permanence with UV rays and ensure long life.

Reinforced aluminium tapes

Easy to mould and non-stiff:
to wrap and protect wires, pipes and cabling from heat and fire and hoses wrapped with the tape preserve their flexibility.
High strength:
long life, high resistance to tear and perforation.
protect components from heat and fire.

Lead tapes

Electric conductibility:
this effect eliminates the rise of edges during metal plating.
Resistance to acids:
wide range of applications in corrosion, die cut and plating works.
ease in moulding enable to work them with burnishing tools.
High density:
ideal for many types of gauging.
Impermeableness to x rays:
protect components from x rays. Reference point to make inspections with x rays.

Reference point for x rays: The composite-material parts of the airmobile undergo x ray inspection to search for possible cracks. In the radiographic film, the parts of lead tape applied are seen as dark zones, thanks to impermeableness of lead to x rays, and they are useful as reference points to identify each possible defect.

Protection of trailing cables: reinforced aluminium metallic tapes, easy to be moulded and resistant to heat, wrap and protect from heat and fire the cables sensitive to heat, fuel piping and flexible pipes.

Appliance industry: annealed aluminium metallic tapes with heat conductivity that strongly bond coils to the panels of refrigerators in order to maximize the efficiency of cooling system.

Reel joints: thin annealed aluminium tapes that reflect light and can be used to joint reels and can be easily identified by the measurement of joints.

Metal plating: 3M 420 lead metallic tape is used here to mask a metal cylinder before the hard chromium plating. Worth of notice the small knife used to ensure the max contact between the tape support and the cylinder surface. The malleability of the tape enables perfect moulding to the composite surfaces.

Sealing: 3M425 tape can be used to seal multi-layer plastic sheets acting as a barrier against dust and humidity.


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