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By pressing both parts of Dual Lock system, hundreds of stalks hook each other causing the traditional �snap� that ensures perfect lock. Thanks to their perfect seal, they can replace in an invisible way the mechanical systems of many applications. Dual Lock adhesive systems can be opened and closed hundreds of times without any problems.

3MTM Mindustrial fixing Systems to replace the unsightly mechanical systems

Linear design, streamlined profiles, efficient and economical production. It is difficult to design a product that combines all these features. To this regard, 3M offer the designers its innovative fixing industrial systems that can be closed up and opened a lot of times that can replace:

  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • Winged-head screws
  • Automatic door locks
  • Anchoring bolts
  • Latches
  • ...and more

place screws for panels covering walls and roofs in vehicles. With the full elimination of tools, holes and resistant to corrosion with ease in maintenance.

Dual Lock can be used to mount electronic components of parts inside electric control panels. It enables to maintain linear design and, thanks to the opportunity to remove it rapidly, makes easier maintenance and change of circuits

Dual Lock systems offer new opportunities the promotional sector: logo and displayer can be changed at once, while mounting and disassembling a fair stand becomes easy and quick.

The surface of your design hides a 3MTM fixing system that can be closed up and opened many times: strong, reliable and hard-working

With 3M industrial adhesive systems you can eliminate:

  • holes
  • alignment problem
  • hinges
  • screw heads
  • projecting parts
  • corrosion

3M industrial fixing system: the right choice

  • Many levels of seal
  • Different shapes and sizes
  • Adhesive systems sensitive to pressure, or
  • Adhesive-free systems
  • Resistance in hot, cold and humid environments
  • Fast and easy mounting

3M Dual Lock industrial fixing system is the ideal to apply parts that are frequently removed (signs, displayers), panels and elements that need cleaning, maintenance or repairs. Each day, designer and engineers create applications for 3M Dual Lock industrial system. Think of the advantages offered!

3MTM Thin Dual LockTM- The fixing system that can be closed up many times 3M Thin Dual Lock is the most recent product of the range of fixing systems that can be reopened.That is a very thin version of this technology that uses mushroom-shaped elements. These thin system works in the same manner of the other Dual Lock systems with some innovative performances: they are the ideal to be used when the traditional system has too high volume, as they can be easily adapted to your finished products also in the final step of mounting, if needed.These systems enables 50 to 100 cycles of close/open.

We list here some of the special advantages guaranteed by the product :

  • Very thin (volume: 1.7 mm)
  • Light
  • Clear
  • Hooking at each angle
  • Flexible design

300LSE adhesive system to be glued on high or law energy surfaces. It can also use other adhesive system in addition to 300LSE. It features double long life compared with the standard eyelet systems.
....in addition to other different advantages offered by 3M Dual Lock tapes

By pressing the two parts of 3M Dual Lock system hundreds of stalks hook each other causing the traditional �snap� that ensures perfect seal. Thanks to their perfect seal, they can replace in an invisible manner the mechanical systems in many applications. Dual Lock system can be opened and closed up hundreds of times without any problems.

3MTM Dual LockTM industrial fixing system

  • Resistant to plasticizers
  • Resistant to humidity
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Resistant to solvents
  • Resistant to traction
  • Can be closed up again
  • Non yielding
  • Absorbs noise and vibrations
  • The non-adhesive system can be sewed with yarn or stitches or fixed by ultrasounds
  • The adhesive system is available with different fixing formulas from -29°C to 93°C
  • It can fix different surfaces
  • Can be used on both stiff and flexible surfaces
  • Available in black or transparent
  • Makes easier the design of components

Cut and pre-moulded Dual Lock locking systems

With two seal features and strong it can be opened and closed up more times: 3M Dual Lock is available also in cut and pre-moulded pieces ready to be used.When the small room does not permit to use 3M Dual Lock fixing systems, pre-holed products and products with stalk are easier to use.


Almost everywhere fixing systems that can be closed up many times with good mechanical seal are required and Dual Lock system can supply them with the addition of further advantages. This product offers a lot of opportunities.

The panels of this revolving door have been fixed by means of Dual Lock to enable quick access to the electrical components and wires in case of repair.

With Dual Lock you can fix a reading desk at your monitor and remove it easily when not needed.

This mobile was fixed to the dashboard of the car with Dual Lock to make its use easier. In addition, the mobile can be removed to avoid thefts and damages.

With Dual Lock you can easily change information: this example shows that the cinema easily changed its show schedule.

In that luxury yacht, wooden panels have been fixed to the roof with Dual Lock to not damage the general look of the boat.

The backrests of these chairs have been mounted with Dual Lock that enables to renew their look without problems.

In building, decorative acoustic panels are becoming increasingly more used when quick changes are required. Dual Lock guarantees very good seal, perfect invisibility and the opportunity to remove the panel.

3MTM ScotchmateTMindustrial fixing system

Locking up and reopening actions have never been so easy. If fixing your product needs to be opened and closed up thousands of times, 3M Scotchmate industrial system is the ideal choice.

The thin hooks and microscopic eyelets guarantee fast fixing lowering production times and costs.

  • Adhesives resistant to plasticizers that enable the application on vinyl surfaces
  • Also available with good resistance to fire and UV rays
  • Fixing by both adhesive and stitching
  • Different levels of seal
  • Formulated also to resist to high and low temperatures
  • Resists to solvents and to the most common alkaline solutions
  • Resistant to humidity
  • Stitching version can be washed or dry cleaned

3M can supply Dual Lock and Scotchmate upon your needs.

In addition to rolls and standard cut models, 3M industrial fixing systems can be customized upon your production and design needs.


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