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Antifriction tapes are the perfect solution for many situations that involve wear and tear, adherence, high friction, noise insulation and chemical decay.

The 3M tapes for smooth surfaces are subdivided into two lines of correlated products with special performances: PTFE and UHMW-PE tapes. Each product of the two lines provides different features for specific applications. PTFE products offer an excellent resistance to high temperatures and perform the lowest friction coefficient. UHMW-PE products provide antifriction performances similar to the ones offered by the PTFE line, but they have been expressly made to guarantee high abrasion resistance.

3M PTFE tapes

Low friction coefficient:
the "self-lubricating" feature of PTFE tape can improve the process of many materials for coils.
Extraordinary heat resistance:
PTFE fibreglass tape for high temperatures guarantees long life on different hot-sealing machines.
the anti-bond features of the PTFE tape prevent plastic material from accumulating on rolls thus they make easier the cleaning of hot-extruded plastic protection.
Resistance to chemical agents:
PTFE tape offers an excellent chemical barrier in difficult environments.
Conformability: PTFE tapes perfectly cover rolls, are easy to be applied and provide high performance.

3M UHMW-PE tapes

Resistance to abrasion:
UHMW-PE tapes protect metal and plastic chutes, guide rails and containers from wear and tear.
Low friction coefficient:
this feature, together with the resistance to abrasion, offers an efficient solution to many vibration and noise problems.
Anti-bond/detachable: UHMW-PE tapes offer easy maintenance of surfaces for different applications and coating and gluing made using inks, glues and sealants.

Internal coating of chutes: cardboard boxes slide easier on a chute coated with UHMW-PE tape.

Hot-sealing: 3M PTFF tape with fibreglass protect the bar underneath, where the under-stretching wire seals the plastic film during the packaging operations with thermo-shrinking wrapping.

After printing: 3M PTFE tapes provide to move more uniformly the printed products across the sewing machine and lower friction on the outlet drum of the loading unit.

Lowering squeaking: 3M UHMW-PE tapes lowers squeaking and car beating creating a �sliding surface� between two incompatible supports.

After printing: coils can move easier on the boards of the binding cone thanks to 3M UHMW-PE tape that is resistant to abrasion and features low friction coefficient.

Winding of rolls: 3M PTFE tapes, conformable and self-lubricating, support different applications of roll winding.


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