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SM TM protective tapes protect the surfaces of your materials or manufactured products against dirt, dust and scratches during transport and storage. Due to our wide range of products, you can select the type most suitable for you that can enable the optimal application and easy removal.

  • Protects against scratches
  • Resists to dirt, accidental damage and abrasion
  • Provides protection during transport, assembling process and intermediate work
  • Lowers the effects of wear and tear
  • Resists to UV rays
  • Shows high resistance over time
  • �Preserves manufactured products during storage

This guide enables a quick selection of 3M Protettivi products and helps you to select the most suitable material for your surfaces. The performance of the product can be affected by different elements: from the type of surface and its cleanliness (also using solvents), the application process used and the conditions of the products.
Hear below you will find a short guide to correctly interpret the product codes.


All 3M protective tapes are available in standard sizes with 1250 mm width x 350 m length.
Different widths are available upon request with the features listed in the table below.

Product Standard Size/th> Variable width (from-to)
3M 5001 A 1250 mm x 350 m 20 mm - 2600 mm
3M 5504 A-UV 1250 mm x 350 m 20 mm - 2600 mm
3M 7007 AB 1250 mm x 350 m 35 mm - 2600 mm
3M 8009 RX 1250 mm x 350 m 20 mm - 2600 mm
3M 4011 A 1250 mm x 350 m 35 mm - 2600 mm
3M 5019 A 1250 mm x 350 m 35 mm - 2600 mm
3M 5038 A 1250 mm x 350 m 250 mm - 2600 mm

3M protective tapes can be chosen with different adhesive backings, thickness and colours and enables a wide range of solutions to meet all application needs.

Selection of backing
Film colour Thickness (in microns)
Transparent 35 - 12
Green, red, yellow 50
Blue 50, 70
White 60, 80
Black 60, 80, 100
Black and white 65, 80, 100, 120

Adhesive system:
(0.1 - 1.9 N/cm)

Adhesive system:
(0.1 - 3.8 N/cm)

20 to 2600 mm width and up to 3000 mm length.

3M protective tapes can be printed.
For more information please contact our sales staff.


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