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3M use instructions

Preparation of the surfaces and application techniques To achieve the highest bonding strength they must be clean, dry and smooth. Use solvents, as a mix of isopropyl alcohol and water or heptane to clean surfaces. When using solvents, please read the use instructions and the warnings of the manufacturer. (Phases A & B)

Setting depends on the level of bond-surface contact.With a strong pressure a better bonding contact is achieved and that improves setting. (Phases C & D)

After application, setting increases as much as the bond is penetrated into the "surface unevenness.At room temperature, about 50% of the final setting can be achieved after 20 minutes, 90% after 24 hours and 100% after 72 hours. In some case setting can be helped with heat (for example, 70� for 1 hour). In this way surfaces achieve a better level of wet resistance.

1) Notes: - The ideal temperature for the application of the tape goes from 21°C to 38°C.
Application min. temperature:

Temperature Products
10°C 9460, 9469, 9473, 4611, 4613, 4646, 4655, 4905, 4910, 4915, 4918, 5965, 5970, 5975
15°C 4936, 4941, 4956, 4991
0°C 4943, 4957

Please do not apply the tape with initial temperatures lower than the min. values suggested, as the bond becomes to stiff and cannot adhere. Once applied the tape in the right way, the use at low temperatures is generally satisfying. To correctly apply 4943 and 4957 tapes, please check that the surfaces are dry and free from condensation due to moisture.

2) - Some support must be prepared before fixing.
a. most porous materials (ex. concrete) or fibrous (ex. wood) must be sealed to achieve an even surface.
b. Some materials (for example, copper, brass, plasticized vinyl) must be prepared to prevent from the interaction between bond and support.
c. Fixing on glass in highly humid environment must be made after an appropriate preparation of the surface to ensure long life.

General information
The user should assess the types of applications on surfaces, solvents, paints, seals etc. chosen in the true use conditions, as well as the tape and the specific support. If bond is not suitable for the application, please contact 3M Bonding Technology Department to achieve information on alternative products.
For further information, please read attentively the technical sheet of the product.

Important for the customer:
The values presented have been assessed by means of standard test procedures; they are average values and must not be used as specifications of the products. The recommendations for use of the products are based on reliable tests; however, the customer must make his own tests to establish if the products are suitable for the use that he is aimed at implementing. So, 3M company refuses each direct or indirect responsibility for damages caused by wrong applications not in line with the instruction given. The customer must previously accept the suitability of the product for the use for which he is aimed at using it and is charged with any risks and responsibilities deriving from the use of the product. The company has not any responsibility for possible direct or indirect incidents, loss or damage due to the wrong use of the product or not in conformity with the use instructions delivered by 3M company. Possible claims for defect or for products not in line with the quality required and for original defects must be reported to the vendor by letter. The purchasers have the right to replace the amount of product that was proved to be defected or, when not, to the reimbursement of the price paid.


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