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Commercial vehicles

External panels are mounted on the support frame without drilling, screwing or welding. Drilling-free means no dropping or corrosion points; screwing-free means to utilize the superficial finishing ideal to perfectly apply the adv materials on the vehicle body, trailer and each type of bus. VHB tape lowers vibrations and creaks, insulates the two layers from galvanic corrosion and seals the joint making it fully waterproof.

As VHB tape lowers vibration level, the assemblage is much more silent.

VHB tape mounts the panel to the frame with only an operation and enables to achieve the best aesthetical results in finishes.


Modern small electronic devices are not only limited to traditional heavy mounting materials. VHB tape can be precisely cut to joint and seal, to absorb shocks and censure waterproof (cameras optical devices) � and all that without the addition of weight to the device.

Thanks to their heat conductivity, VHB tapes are the perfect solution to mount the car electronic system, for example heat sinks

VHB tape fixes the window of this electric cabinet to the metal door without using other mechanical elements.


Advertising signs mounted with VHB tape improve the look. Materials are not deformed due to punching, bolting or welding and the joint is resistant to strong wind and to extreme weather conditions. In addition, VHB tapes can bind different materials and support high static loads, so they offer a wide range of materials and looks.

Easy, fast and reliable binding of the sign to its support with smooth and neat finishing

Reinforced sections in the rear side of the street sign are mounted with VHB tape.This prevents metal from corrosion and enables to use 3M Scotchlite reflecting films.


Suitable indoor and outdoor. VHB tape enables to mount and seal architectonical structures to frame and apply decorations on the external side of windows. VHB tape offsets different thermal expansion values of materials enabling to choose at pleasure the materials desired.

Transparent VHB tape is used to mount wafer modules to sun panels

VHB tapes are used in many architectural projects, as continuous fa�ades with metal or glass panels.

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